CEO Update, Mycobacterium abcessus, 11 Nov 2016

Today a paper was published in Science reporting the findings of a global study of Mycobacterium abscessus infection in CF.

Queensland CF researchers at The Prince Charles Hospital andLady Cilento Hospital participated in the study by contributing M. abscessus samples.  These findings are important as they will inform clinical practice.  For more...

CEO Update, Medical Research Future Fund, 10 Nov 2016

The Medical Research Future Fund have announced the Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2016-2018.  One of the exciting priorities is to establish a consumer-driven health and medical research agenda.  For the full list of priorities...

CEO Update, CF Lives Matters, 8 Nov 2016

Today Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) launched a new information service for the cystic fibrosis community. It’s called CF Lives Matters, a name that rings true on so many levels.

 Here is the link to this new, dedicated website:  For more...

Vertex Update, 7 Nov 2016

Positive Phase 3 Study of ORKAMBI(R) in Children With Cystic Fibrosis Ages 6-11 Who Have Two Copies of the F508del Mutation Supports a Submission to the European Medicines Agency in the First Half of 2017.  For the full press release...

CEO Update, Kalydeco & the PBAC, 28 Sept 2016

On 5th November 2016, the PBAC will meet to decide whether KALYDECO is approved for reimbursement for 2-5 year old children in Australia.  This label extension will greatly benefit 30 little Australians.   For more...

CEO Update, Orkambi & the PBAC, 5 September 2016

There are 1,000+ Australians who would benefit from Orkambi being approved for reimbursement at the PBAC meeting in November. You can help those in the CF community who really need it and register your support for the listing of Orkambi by simply clicking this link.  For the full CEO Communique, click here

Studio 10's Robbo tackles The Great Escape

Robbo and the Studio team joined the annual Cystic Fibrosis Great Escape Car Rally.  Check out the video's of his adventure.
From the start of the rally in Dubbo, click here
After a few days on the rally, click here 

CEO Update, "My Story", 25 August 2017

CFA plans to create a gallery of great “My Story” videos and compelling arguments for our politicians to use when lobbying for greater health resources. We want the CF community to share what it is like to live with CF and why greater support is needed and warranted.  For more...

CEO Update, Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2017, 17 August 2016

In 12 months time – from August 5th to the 8th, 2017 - the 12th Australasian Cystic Fibrosis Conference (ACFC) will be held in Melbourne.
The conference is Australasia's largest event dedicated to cystic fibrosis (CF) and will bring together around 200 lay people and over 350 medical, allied health and nursing delegates plus CF researchers from across the region and around the world.
For more...

CEO Update, The Kaleidoscope Project, 11 August 2016

Now is your chance to have your say … The Kaleidoscope Project is a national initiative designed to bring together children with chronic disease, their families, clinicians and policy makers to identify important research topics and priorities. For more...

CEO Update on Kalydeco, 6th July 2016.

The TGA is reviewing Vertex's submission on using Kalydeco for the treatment of patients aged 2-5 years with cystic fibrosis with a G551D or other gating mutation.  For the full Communique from CEO Nettie Burke, click here.

There is a very informative article by the KIWI Study Group on CFA’s website that will provide you with evidence of Kalydeco’s safety and efficacy.  Click here for full article.

Vertex Kalydeco and Orkambi update

Vertex announces Presentations of Data for KALYDECO(R) (ivacaftor) and ORKAMBI(R) (lumacaftor/ivacaftor) at European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS) Conference.  For more

CEO Update on Orkambi, 6th June 2016

Now is the Winter of our Discontent … but is our dissatisfaction about to end?

We are now in the Australian Winter and more than a month after the devastating decision by the PBAC not to reimburse Orkambi, the cystic fibrosis community remains outside the ‘stakeholder consultations’ about the funding of costly new generation drugs. 

The consumer voice should be acknowledged and Cystic Fibrosis Australia needs the CF community to mobilise.  Click here for more information on how you can help.

To download the social media assets, click here.

CEO Update on Orkambi, 23 May 2016

A month ago today we were devastated with the news that the PBAC rejected Vertex’s proposal for the reimbursement of the cost of Orkambi. We have had great support from the community, our clinicians, CF CAN and the media.  It's time to contact the Politicians.  For more

Carrier Screening Education Campaign

Almost all children born with cystic fibrosis are born into families where there is no known family history.  Cystic Fibrosis Victoria has launched a Community Education Campaign on Carrier Screening to help create awareness of CF and the availability of Carrier Screening.  For more information, click here.

Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA)

CFA is a national not-for-profit organisation and the national body supporting people with Cystic Fibrosis. CFA comprises member State/Territory Cystic Fibrosis organisations. CFA's mission is to  deliver research, advocacy and quality improvement outcomes supporting people with CF and be the peak national body supporting our State/Territory members with their goals to enhance the quality of life of people affected by CF. 

We do this by:

Sharing knowledge
  • Collecting and distributing information about CF at a national and international level
  • Building networks with acclaimed CF physicians, researchers and CF organisations in Australia
  • Organising the biennial Australasian CF Conference
  • Developing educational publications to support CF State organisations in their work
Supporting research
  • Securing funds for the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust and assembling the professional expertise needed to administer CF research projects throughout Australia
  • Developing a roadmap for CF research in Australia in conjunction with the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust (ACFRT)
Gathering data
  • Sourcing funding support for, and administering the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Data Registry
Providing advocacy
  • Assisting with developing national policy and advocating for change to bring benefits to people with cystic fibrosis and their families
Promote quality improvement in health care
  • Facilitate the development and review of national guidelines for ‘Standards of Cystic Fibrosis Care’ and ‘Infection Control Guidelines’
  • Resource and coordinate the ‘Peer Review of Cystic Fibrosis Clinics in Australia’
  • Publish the Annual Australian Cystic Fibrosis Data Registry Report for use by clinics and researchers
  • Organising national fundraising campaigns such as ‘65 Roses’ each May to raise awareness of CF and funds for research and education programs and more.
How you can help

Donations and sponsorships are vital to advance research into CF, conduct advocacy and to ensure improvement in health care services available to people living with CF. You can contribute to helping improve the quality of life of those who live with CF by donating today.