Clinical Trials 101

Welcome to a new Australian resource in cystic fibrosis (CF) clinical trials.

Years of dedication, vision, innovation, and sheer tenacity have brought us to this point. This means that people with CF can now access information regarding clinical trials in Australia and overseas. These trials may look at therapies to treat the underlying cause of CF or evaluate treatments for key symptoms of CF and improve quality of life. To help dispel any anxieties you may have when it comes to clinical research this section will cover the basics you need to know. We will also guide you through how to find a clinical trial that is suitable for you.


The decision to join a clinical trial is personal, and you should weigh the benefits and risks of participating as well as the time commitment required. Resources on this page cover the questions you should ask the research team, including basics such as compensation.


Additionally, once your clinical trial is over, you may have questions as to what happens next and whether you can follow its progress online or follow up with your care team to find out about the results.


If you are considering taking part in a Clinical Trial, please explore these resources. 

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