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Living with a chronic disease such as cystic fibrosis (CF), can be challenging.

Not only is regular physical activity and good nutrition important when managing CF but factoring in the ongoing stresses of germs, hospital visits, travelling, and how CF itself impacts Mental Health is crucial.


Having a broad understanding of each of these considerations may help you effectively manage your CF and stay healthy.


People with CF who keep fitter are shown to cope better with the impact of CF and generally have healthier lives.

Travelling with CF

Planning is necessary for anyone travelling. However when travelling with CF, there will be a few more things to take into consideration.


Optimising nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight in people with CF, has a known positive effect on lung function.

Mental Health

Mental health is extremely important and should be considered as part of your overall health and wellness.


CF is a complex disease that interacts with environmental factors, including germs, air pollution, and climate. 

Hospital & Procedures

Although it may seem overwhelming, hospital admissions, and medical procedures, help deliver significant benefits.

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