Treatments & Therapies

The way cystic fibrosis (CF) is treated has changed dramatically over the years. New research, and advancing therapies are seeing people living longer with an increase in their quality of life.

Whilst this is a positive, there is still much to be done. 


Like many other diseases “cystic fibrosis” is a term that covers a myriad of medical conditions, symptoms, and effects.  Everyone with this disease has to deal with unique sets of issues.  So too are the ways to treat CF and help every individual are equally diverse. They are also increasingly more effective.


In broad terms let’s cover them in three categories – Medications, Physiotherapy, and Lung Transplant. But first, we want to make one thing abundantly clear.


You are not alone.


In Australia, people with CF are supported by dedicated, talented, and truly passionate medical, allied health, and nursing specialists. They are there to listen to you, to help you address your unique concerns, and to be with you at every step of your pathway toward the health outcomes you’re committed to achieve.


It is important to make clear, that there’s no one treatment or therapy that fits all because the specifics of CF differ from person to person. There are broad spectrums of drugs, some new, some well-established, that can be carefully calibrated for each individual.


However, the complexities of CF in its many forms in turn, demand a profusion of medical responses and as it currently stands many people with CF, still take in excess of 50 tablets a day to combat the disease’s effects on their lungs and digestive systems.


Even so and without being either too optimistic or simplistic, the future looks bright.


The advances on the horizon and the breakthroughs in the pipeline are set to slowly by surely revolutionise treatments. And one day, in some way, find a cure.


Medications help people with CF keep healthy and maintain a good lifestyle. 


Physiotherapy is vital in developing and maintaining optimal airway clearance, as well as other vital bodily functions.

Lung Transplant

For those who are receiving lessening effectiveness from existing treatments and therapies, a lung transplant is a daunting but life-saving option.

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