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Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) is committed to improving clinical practice and patient outcomes through its clinical improvement programs and research with the aim of extending life expectancy from 47 to 55 years by 2026.

CFA encourages collaboration to ensure the best gains are achieved in the fasted time, knowledge is shared, breakthroughs are celebrated and funds are not wasted through duplication.


CFA collaborates with government entities, health service providers, research groups, NFPs in the health and chronic disease sectors, and overseas colleagues and foundations.


Collaboration allows us to be smarter with our research, services and clinical improvement programs but most importantly it delivers better outcomes more quickly for people with cystic fibrosis (CF).


CFA is responsible for creating innovative and enduring funding streams, cost and service effective business practices and a positive culture of support, respect, and celebration.


We maintain our quest for funding to ensure our research and clinical improvement assets such as the Data Registry, Peer Reviews and Standards of Care continue to thrive and to fulfil our mission to deliver research and information as the peak national body supporting state and territory members with their goals to enhance the quality of life of people affected by CF.


CFA has established a consistent approach to advocacy across Australia and is now a subject matter expert for government, industry and the media. CFA also supports state and territory CF bodies who provide valuable services to the CF community.


CFA works tirelessly to raise the profile of CF nationally and takes key messages to government, business and the health and community sectors to ensure these groups to understand and appreciate the challenges people with CF face. These include key issues such as drug affordability and availability, infection control, gene testing and access to the best medical and allied health services.


CFA has established a consistent approach to advocacy, working tirelessly to raise the profile of CF nationally. 


CFA leads the national research program, by overseeing all administration requirements.

Data Registry

CFA funds the management and ongoing development of the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Data Registry.


CFA collaborates with all stakeholders within the CF community to ensure the best outcomes. 

Quality Outcomes

CFA is committed to improving clinical practice and patient outcomes through various projects.

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