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Who we are

Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) is the peak consumer body for people living with cystic fibrosis (CF). We focus on collaborative programs and research, funding partnerships, and advocacy. Our Members are known as the Federations, these are the State and Territory Offices providing support and services to people living with CF. 

Our Mission & Vision

Everyone at CFA is committed to improving clinical practice and patient outcomes with the aim of extending life expectancy from 47 to 55 years by 2026.


Our mission is to raise the profile of CF nationally, taking key messages to government, business, the health sector, and the community to ensure that challenges faced by people with CF and their families are understood.


It is an imposing challenge. Every four days a baby is born in Australia with CF and more than one million Australians are carriers of the CF gene. CFA is working to transform lives and reduce the burden of the disease. CFA believes that all people with CF should have the opportunity to lead full, productive, and valuable lives with access to the best treatments and high-quality clinical care.


Our Vision is ‘Lives Unaffected by CF’, where every person born with CF will be able to reach their full potential, unburdened by the disease.

Our Tagline

Our tagline, ‘Embracing Tomorrow’, is used by CF organisations around Australia.


‘Embracing Tomorrow’ is a statement that reflects a promise to our communities that we provide care, regardless of what their tomorrow holds, recognising that everyone’s journey is different. It reflects that with improvements in drug therapies and treatments, the impact we provide today will see changes in the future. It reflects the continued pursuit of a cure and better treatments for all people living with CF.


Importantly, we see it as a reflection of powerful stories of fully lived experiences, the resilience of our communities, and a statement of hope for the future.

Our History

We have a long and impressive history stemming from the formation of the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Association in March 1971 by the Queensland and NSW Associations with the objective of conducting International liaison, nurturing new state organisations, and providing a central body that would promote CF at a Federal level. It was an important first step in a quest to alleviate the suffering of children afflicted with CF and search for better ways to cope with what was then a largely uncharted disease.


In 1983 the six state and territory organisations formed a national body called Australian Cystic Fibrosis Associations Federation Incorporated. In 1998 it was renamed Cystic Fibrosis Australia Incorporated. CFA was established to facilitate and promote the provision of optimal care to all people affected by CF and ensure they have the best possible quality of life. At the end of April 2003, CFA became a Company Limited by Guarantee.


Today, CFA works closely with its members, State and Territory CF organisations known as The Federation. Each State and Territory office is devoted to providing a range of support services, for individuals living with CF and their families and carers. Together, we work towards common objectives in Advocacy, Funding, Collaboration, Research, and Clinical Improvement.

Our Team

CFA is made up of a small team from across Australia who work hard to ensure the best outcomes for our community. 

Meet the Board

Our National Advisory Board volunteer their expertise and time to CFA. 

Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors help be the voice for our CF community, advocating and engaging with the wider public. 

The Federation

Each State and Territory has a CF organisation providing a range of support services to people with CF, including their carers and families.

Our Partners

Our incredible partners help ensure the future is brighter for people living with CF. 

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