Pharmacological interactions are a difficult subject to talk about in the lay context because misinformation is rife, and any form of shoot-from-the-hip medical sensationalism can be harmful.

Medical professionals are always our first and last port of call for careful decisions like these and whilst its always good to get a second opinion, its rarely a good idea to get it from the internet.

At the same time it is important to be aware that drugs can have potent and harmful interactions with one another, as well as their usual effects and side-effects.

The famous examples of these interactions usually involve recreational substances – like the deadly combination of sleeping pills and alcohol – however dangerous polydrug interactions can occur even in more ‘benign’ cases where two medicines appear to be unrelated. 

Drugs can also have unexpected effects on an individual whose health profile is unusual or poorly understood.

Unfortunately, cystic fibrosis (CF) is a rare disease and thus too seldom factors into the trial process of medicines that are not targeted at the CF community. 

An important investigation is going on at the moment into the possible links between estrogen birth control pills and weakened bone density for people living with CF.

We have linked that study and a host of other information on CF-related Pharmacological Interactions below.

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