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Perhaps no other area presents a vista of co-morbidities as wide and pressing as mental health. We know that there are (cited) specific reasons why cystic fibrosis (CF) is associated with risks for depression and anxiety, however these states of adversity touch the lives of all human beings in one way or another.

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic saw the whole of society managing forced isolation and removal from loved ones. We know this can be a regular occurrence for people with CF and a trigger for depression and anxiety.

CF has also been associated with heightened risk for insufficient or interrupted sleep patterns, and these can lead to a host of medical problems up to and including shortened life expectancy.

When Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) advocates for increased awareness and attention to the mental health risk factors of CF we try to bring attention to the fact that physical illnesses, especially chronic and non-visible physical illnesses, can be a hidden malefactor in the fight against mental illness as well.

The individual living with CF is not the only one at risk from its effects – indeed, family members and even close friends have been found to exhibit increased susceptibility to depression and anxiety.

Conquering CF co-morbidities means fighting inside ourselves for freedom from fear and hopelessness. The resources below are simply the brightest nodes in a network which connects all afflicted, forgotten, anguished or invisible individuals in their struggle for happiness and contentment.

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