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#42FORCF                      12th December 2020                BREAK YOUR LIMITS

Bradley Dryburgh knows the power of a good story. As an athlete and a successful podcaster he has seen first-hand the amazing impact that inspiring individuals can have on their community.


But sometimes your story can be a weight on your shoulders, imposing definitions and labels. Bradley Dryburgh grew up with cystic fibrosis (CF), he was lucky to enjoy an active childhood, but kids in his position are often told the wrong story. Too often they grow up believing that they are different or limited and that physical barriers to their health and fitness cannot be overcome.

The CF community needs more fitness role models to turn this narrative on its head, so Bradley Dryburgh is stepping up. On December 12th Bradley will run his first full marathon on behalf of kids with CF and their parents. He is here to show Australians that individuals managing CF can strive for the same goals and achieve the same incredible feats as any of their peers.

How can you support Bradley and his inspiring story?

If you click below you can donate to Bradley’s fundraising campaign - all proceeds go to Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA), a research and advocacy body for Australians living with CF. You can also support Bradley online with your voice and your encouragement. He is most easily reached through his socials (see below) or his podcast (see below) or else use the hashtag #42forCF.

You can also join us in person to cheer Bradley on at North Beach, Wollongong on December 12th.  

But there is much more to this event. Bradley wants to get the whole community feeling fit and active, so we are encouraging all those who feel able to run WITH Bradley. On the day we will have special markers on the marathon route so that you can join Bradley to at any point on his arduous journey.

Feel you can go the last 10km? We are happy to have you. Prefer to only run the final 5km? You are very welcome as well.

As ever, we are conscious of the unique dangers surrounding CF and cross-infection. We anticipate that there will be community members out there who are keen to support this campaign but do not feel comfortable running in person or milling about in a crowd.

For this reason, CFA and Bradley have been thinking of some out-of-the-box solutions. We want to have our supporters running with Bradley from home in the lead up to marathon day. A marathon is a giant undertaking, but you can break it down into manageable chunks, like running 1400 meters a day for the month leading up to the marathon. Flick through to Bradley’s socials to keep up with this interactive support and post your own progress.

Bradley’s drive and desire to break through limits make him an inspiring CF advocate, but what makes Bradley truly special is his willingness to open up and include others in his amazing ongoing CF story.  Join him in this fight to save young lives and families.


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NEVERREST 2020          4th - 5th September           >


The story of a man who conquered a mountain and another who is determined he is remembered for it. 

More about this year’s challenge…
This year we wanted to get the entire CF community involved, so we decided to do something that has never been done before.
This is about everyone contributing to something special.
One million people in Australia carry the Cystic Fibrosis gene. Most people have no idea. So to bring sawareness to this, we as a community want to complete ONE MILLION push ups in a 24 hour period.
This is a huge task, but we are confident we can make this happen.
Get out of your comfort zone and contribute to this mammoth goal.
Gather your friends, family, work colleagues, sporting team or school community and be part of something really big.




Sweat for CF                  >

Activewear lovers are urged to shed those excess Covid-kilo’s and get moving during Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, this May, by donating their kilometre’s to Sweat 4 CF – a newly launched initiative which aims to bring the life-changing drug, Trikafta, from Boston to Australia.



NEVERREST 2019                       >

The story of a man who conquered a mountain and another who is determined he is remembered for it. 
5th - 6th September 2019
10,000 push-ups                 1,500 strict pull-ups                42km run           24 hours