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Pancrelipase Enzyme Products

To Patients

To Patients

Therapeutic Approach


These are digestive enzymes that are prepared using pancreases from pigs.


The FDA has required pancreatic enzyme products to undergo clinical testing in order to receive FDA approval.

Aptalis (Zenpep® , Ultresa™, and Viokace™ ), Abbott (Creon®), Johnson and Johnson (Pancreaze®), and Digestive Care (Pertzye™) have obtained FDA approval for their pancreatic enzyme products, which are now available to people with CF.

In Australia, Creon® is approved by the TGA and listed on the PBS.


In the US, The programs are sponsored by Aptalis Pharmaceuticals (Zenpep® , Ultresa™ , and Viokace™), Abbott (Creon®), Johnson and Johnson (Pancreaze®), and Digestive Care (Pertzye™).  

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