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Phase Two

Phase Two

Therapeutic Approach


Opelconazole is an inhaled drug that may prevent Aspergillus fungal infections in lung transplant recipients. There are many challenges associated with current treatment options for people infected with Aspergillus. They may be hard to tolerate, which may lead many patients to discontinue use before they have completed the treatment's course. Some current treatments may also interact with other common transplant medicines, resulting in potentially serious side effects. This program will study whether inhaled opelconazole will be well tolerated and less likely to have drug-drug interactions. As an inhaled treatment option, it has the potential for being adminstered at home, instead of at a transplant or CF care center.


A Phase 2 study to test the safety and tolerability of opelconazole in lung transplant recipients is planned.


This program is sponsored by Pulmocide Limited and partially funded by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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