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Inhaled Mannitol (Bronchitol®)

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To Patients

Therapeutic Approach

Mucociliary Clearance

Bronchitol® is an inhaled dry powder form of mannitol, a naturally occurring osmotic agent, which works by drawing water into the airways. This helps to moisten and thin the sticky mucus found in the lungs of people with CF, making it easier to cough it out and improve lung function. Bronchitol is delivered using a small handheld inhaler instead of a nebuliser. 


Two phase 3 studies of inhaled mannitol in people with CF ages 6 years and older were completed in 2012. Another phase 3 study of inhaled mannitol in adults with CF was completed in 2017.

Inhaled mannitol is approved for the treatment of CF in Australia, Europe, Russia and Israel.


The program is sponsored by Chiesi USA and Pharmaxis. Trials were conducted within Therapeutics Development Network.

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