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Phase One

Phase One

Therapeutic Approach


CB-280 is an oral drug designed to increase the amount of arginine in the lungs. Arginine is a molecule that occurs naturally in the body, and is important for the lungs to produce nitric oxide, a gas that helps the lungs fight infection.

Sputum from people with CF has been shown to contain lower amounts of arginine and nitric oxide than normal. Lower nitric oxide levels are associated with worsened lung function and increased infection. Increasing arginine levels may increase the production of nitric oxide, which would strengthen the immune response, reduce inflammation and improve lung function.


A phase 1 study to test the safety and tolerability of CB-280 is currently underway. The study is for adults with CF who have chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa.


Thsi program is sponsored by Calithera and is being conducted through the Therapeutics Development Network.

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