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Phase Two

Phase Two

Therapeutic Approach


This program is studying AP-PA02, a type of phage therapy designed to fight Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in people with CF. Bacteriophages are specialised viruses that kill very specific strains. They are found in the environment and are the predators of bacteria in nature. "Phage therapy" refers to the use of these bacteriophages to treat an infection in a person. AP-PA02 is a mix of multiple different types of phages that is also known as an inhaled coktail. In lab tests AP-PA02 was able to kill more than 80 percent of Pseudomonas strains from people with CF.


A phase 1b/2 trial to test the safety and tolerability of AP-PA02 in adults with CF is underway.


This program is sponsored by Armata Pharmaceuticals and is being conducted through the Therapeutics Development Network.

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