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Mental Health is one of Cystic Fibrosis Australia's key objectives.

About the Mental Health Roadshow

Living with a chronic disease is difficult at the best of times, add in the additional stresses of everyday life - like holding down a job, paying bills, raising a family, plus heartbreaking life moments like losing friends and family members, drug affordability and consistent monitoring of your health and it’s no wonder that many chronic diseases are now extended to show their impact on mental health and general wellbeing. 

It is extremely important that health professionals in Australian CF Clinics are qualified and well trained in identifying and caring for people with CF and a mental health condition. We also believe there is so much information that should be made available for people with CF, their families, carers, and friends. 

We are delighted to bring two exceptional mental health professionals from the United States - Alexandra Quittner (Miami) and Anna Georgiopolous (Boston) to Australia to brief our community and to train our health professionals across the country in CF specific mental health. They will also be establishing the Mental Health Trial that will commence after the Roadshow in Newcastle.  

Sessions will be held in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle, Adelaide and Sydney and are free to attend (pre-registration is required). One session is for the community (parents and carers). There are also two sessions for CF Centre staff including an Introduction session for all CF Centre staff and an Advanced Training Session for staff directly involved in mental health support, diagnosis and interventions. 

Infection control guidelines allow us to have one person with CF at each event. With this in mind, some sessions for the CF Community will be streamed to ensure people with CF and those who live too far away can still participate in the training.

Don't forget, registration is essential. Sessions without enough registrations may be cancelled.

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Documents and Resources

Documents and resources referred to in the Mental Health Roadshow are now available online. Please choose below for materials relating to Community or Clinic sessions. 

1. Mental Health Tools for the CF Community>

2. Mental Health Tools for Health Professionals>


About the trial

We are excited to bring the Mental Health trial to Australia in 2019. More information on the trial and how you can be involved will be available soon.


With thanks

The Mental Health Roadshow has been made possible through the generous support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and LJ Hooker Foundation. 

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