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What Services Does CFT Offer?

Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania (CFT) provides a range of programs to our members whose lives have been impacted by CF.    We understand that CF is a physically, emotionally and financially draining condition.   Our services have been developed to meet our members needs and to provide support where we can.  

Our annual Member Survey is a useful tool for CFT  for ensuring that we understand the needs of our members, and can plan appropriately for future services ,should we be in a financial position to expand the programs we offer in the future.

 To be eligible for any of the services that CFT offers you must be a current financial member of the Association - and maintain that membership.   Other eligiblity criteria are outlined in the information for each program or service.  

We are also happy to receive feedback on any services that we don't currently offer that you would like.  Please don't  hesitate to contact our Executive Officer by email by clicking here to share your thoughts on what would be useful to you.


The nebulisers and other airway clearance devices that are given to you at your CF Clinic appointments have been purchased by CFT.   They are on loan to you, free of charge, provided you always remain a financial member.  When you are provided with your device you will receive an information sheet along with it. This will outline your responsibilities about keeping it in good order.  CFT can spend up to $40,000 pa on this equipment so it is a major investment.  We ask that you do everything you can to ensure it is well looked after and in good working order.  

If you have any problems with your airway clearance device please always contact your CF Clinic directly.   The health professionals are best placed to give you any advice on its use.  You should also contact them if you believe you need a new device or replacement part.  

We understand that living with CF can be emotionally draining -  for both the person who has it, and their loved ones.  Talking to someone about it can help you work through the many feelings you may be experiencing.  Our Members are able to access private and confidential counselling from an experienced and qualified psychologist of their own choice at no cost.   This service is offered to anyone with CF and their immediate family.  For more information  please click here.  

To apply please fill out the application form here, follow the steps outlined in it and email it back to us. 

Regular exercise is excellent for not only general health, but can assist with airway clearance, increasing bone density and building muscle tone in people living with CF.   CFT understands that the annual cost of a gym membership can put this option out of reach for many people with CF due to the many costs they have associated with the condition. 

Members can apply for a subsidy of $250 per year towards their personal gym membership.  Before you make an application, please check your eligibility by reading the policy here.  To make an application please click here. 

We recognise that not everyone has access to a gym near to their home, or may not feel comfortable in a gym environment. But we also know that buying equipment to maintain your fitness can be expensive.  Under this policy we provide a contribution towards the cost of something of your choice - whether it be traditional gym equipment to use at home such as a treadmill or exercise bike, an outdoor bike or even a trampoline.  CFT will provide up to 50% of a piece of equipment of your choice - up to $500 per eligible member.    For a copy of the policy please click here.  For the application form please click here. 

CFT offers a range of different financial assistance to meet various needs and these are listed below.  Eligibility varies between policies so please read each policy before applying. 

Special Financial Assistance:

For cases of severe hardship or special circumstances (eg remote location or surgery interstate).
Download the policy here.   To make an application please click here.