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CFA Infection Control Policy

CFA Infection Control Policy

The document below sets out Cystic Fibrosis Australia Limited’s and all Australian Cystic Fibrosis State and Territory organisations’ (collectively, ‘CFA Bodies’, individually, ‘CFA Body’) policy position and guiding principles on cross infection.

CFA Bodies recommend that certain information should be considered before a person decides to attend an event conducted by any CFA Body. Events are open to all members of the cystic fibrosis (CF) community, including people with CF, family members of people with CF, and CF community supporters. These are events are intended to provide enjoyment, recreation, education, to make decisions and provide an opportunity for people from the CF community to meet. The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone at these events is of great importance.

This policy applies equally to employees, volunteers and event participants.

Download and read the CFA Bodies infection control policy