Lives unaffected by cystic fibrosis



Imagine knowing from the time you were born; your life already came with a best before date.
Imagine, being told your loved one has the most common genetic illness in Australia, which currently has no cure.
Imagine the devastation you would feel.

Living with the constant uncertainty of your loved one becoming incredibly unwell is a pain that the cystic fibrosis (CF) Community grapples with each and every day. Further, knowing that the life expectancy of your loved one is limited is an injustice our community has endured for far too long.

In the 1960’s babies born with CF had a life expectancy of only six years old. Today, through the efforts of advocacy, research, and clinical improvements, this has increased to approximately 47 years. Whilst this is good progress, there is still so much to do to ensure people living with CF, and Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) is committed to extending this to 55 years by 2025.

And we won’t stop there, we will continue fighting for our CF community until there is a cure found. Help us continue our work of advocating for the best outcomes for the CF Community. We need your support to ensure we can continue to advocate on a national level, guaranteeing the voices of our CF community are heard and action is taken. At CFA we focus on long-term outcomes.

Please, make a donation to CFA today. Every act of kindness can help change lives for people living with CF.

You may have seen us recently launch our 2022 Tax Appeal, where we will be sharing stories over the coming weeks from people within our community and the journeys they are on.  Please read their stories here:

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