Lives unaffected by cystic fibrosis

Smelling The (Red) Roses


Life is beautiful and surprising and worthwhile. Even life indoors.

When we are all looking at inventive ways the survive and thrive in ‘Lockdown’ sparks of creativity and ingenuity give us joy.

Last week CFA was inspired by an email from a young mum in our community whose daughter drew a red rose for her sister who has CF. Our CEO Nettie Burke then took up the challenge and penned a rose … we now ask our community to join in the online art show. And we can confirm prizes will be awarded when we emerge from Quarantine.

Nettie-CFA-Rose-15Apr20-copy-(2).jpg  Nettie

Emily-rose-(3).jpeg   Emily

Chloe1.jpgChloe2.jpgChloe3.jpgChloe4.jpg    Chloe


Igs - "I Really Want To Go To The Beach"


Beau - celebrated Cystic Fibrosis Day by drawing this piece or artwork