Lives unaffected by cystic fibrosis


CF Physio Inc aims to educate and empower healthcare workers involved in CF care and the CF community in physiotherapy management for CF. Go to and start your education journey. If you are a healthcare worker you will need to register to access the various resources, just go to the "register" tab. If you are someone with CF, or caring for someone with CF, and your physio has started you with a new treatment, and you just can't remember how to do it, go to "physiotherapy in CF" tab on the right hand corner and check out the videos, written text and images. There might be some new information you want to learn about to go and discuss further with your physiotherapist at clinic, you can use the website for this too.  We know we don't have all the information on the website but we are continuing to develop resources."

Please contact us on [email protected] if you have any feedback or requests for new information.