Transplant Assistance Program

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care’s (CFCC) Transplant Assistance Program provides support to people with cystic fibrosis (CF) who have recently had a CF-related transplant. This grant aims to help relieve some of the financial stress while people recover and get back on their feet.

If you have recently received a CF-related transplant this year you may be entitled to receive a grant of up to $1,000 to assist with your transplant related costs.

Who can apply? 

  • Applicants must:
    -  Be a current member of CFCC
    -  Be a resident of Victoria (ncluding selected border towns)
    -  Have CF or a child who has CF
    -  Have had a CF-related transplant in 2017

How do I apply? 

To apply for a Transplant Assistance grant please contact us on (03) 9686 1811.

More information

If you have any questions about the Transplant Assistance Program please contact us via email at or phone (03) 9686 1811. Find out what other support we offer members.