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We are incredibly grateful for the corporate support we receive, which is vital in helping us achieve our mission of lives unaffected by cystic fibrosis

We work with a range of companies in a range of ways to achieve our mutual goals. Support includes financial contributions, event sponsorship, in-kind donations and pro bono services.

Could you support Cystic Fibrosis Victoria in 2016?

We receive only 30% of our funding from the government so we rely heavily on fundraising and donations from our supporters and organisations like yours to continue to offer our programs and support services to people living with CF here in Victoria.  

Throughout the year we hold a variety of fundraising events for which we require items to use as prizes, auction items, raffle items and giveaways. Can you help us by donating gifts you have received?  

Do you have anything you could donate?  We are always looking for event tickets, gift vouchers, toys, movie tickets, household items, any items that are unused.

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FinancePath has seen first-hand how CF can affect a family physically, mentally and financially
Finance Path logoTo help families dealing with CF, we hosted the inaugural FinancePath Charity Golf day in 2015 which raised over $14,000. The success has inspired us to make this an annual event and planning is already underway for 2016.

As a Mortgage manager their mission is to challenge, inspire and educate Australians to make better choices with their money and help them proactively manage their money and live a life full of rich experiences that everyone deserves.

They have personal experience on how CF can cause financial stress on a family.  Tough decisions around foregoing one wage to provide safer homecare for infants and young ones through to the inescapable costs of medicine and health cover. The diagnosis can throw all sorts of unexpected financial challenges. 

To further support families with CF, FinancePath have committed to donating further funds when CFV members use their services. Not only are families putting themselves in a better financial position but together, they hope to assist in finding a cure for CF some day.  


Support from the East Malvern Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank is now in its seventh year!  

Since 2009 the branch has supported Cystic Fibrosis Victoria to assist us in the work we do for the CF community.  
East MalverThe East Malvern Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank was the major sponsor of the A Night for CF charity gala ball.

You can show your support for the East Malvern Community Bank®  by moving your bank accounts over to the East Malvern Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank. Not only will you be receiving a more personal, quality banking experience you will be supporting Cystic Fibrosis Victoria (CFV)!  

The East Malvern Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank is committed to strengthening the relationship with CFV , and will donate funds back to us when our members move any of their banking over, ie deposits, lending, insurance.  For more information, contact fundraising@cfv.org.au.

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