CFCC recognized the diverse range of issues faced by individuals with CF and their families and provides support on advocacy issues. CFCC advocates for members at a local, state and national level and liaises with other organisations to lobby for improvements for those living with CF. CFCC also works one-to-one with individuals providing support for self advocacy as well as advocating on behalf of the individual.

Aim of the CFCC Advocacy Program: People affected by CF have access to effective advocacy that promotes and protects their interests and wellbeing, and ensures their inclusion as contributing and participating members of the community.

What is an Advocate?
An advocate provides information and advice to help you to take action to resolve any concerns. An advocate may also need to take a more active role in representing your rights to another person or organisation. 

Who can be an Advocate?
An advocate can be a family member, your main carer, legal representative, trusted friend or someone from an agency that provides advocacy services.

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care- Victoria (CFCC) is supported by the Victorian Government to provide you with advocacy assistance and/or referrals to the appropriate service. We offer a range of advocacy services to our members:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Individual Advocacy
  • Systemic Advocacy



Why use the CFCC Advocacy Services?
We can assist you to exercise your rights and achieve the outcomes you want.  We can help make sure that you are not disadvantaged due to any disability, your age, gender, sexual preference or your cultural background. We also have the expertise and experience in handling cases that often affect people living with cystic fibrosis.

There may be times when you feel it is hard to speak up for yourself so an advocate can help you:

  • clarify what is happening and sort out any confusion or misunderstandings
  • contact the relevant service, discuss the issue and the options for solutions
  • support you to negotiate a complaint processes
  • supporting you at face to face  meetings with a service
  • write support letter


For more information on the advocacy services please contact a member of the Programs and Support Services team on (03) 9686 1811


The advocacy service is supported by the Victorian Government.