Team 4 Jon & Grace


Craig and Jennifer Wheatley are proud parents to six children - two of whom, Jon and Grace, have cystic fibrosis.  

In 2017 Craig and Jennifer created Team 4 Jon & Grace for 65k 4 65 Roses which saw them and their supporters raise a staggering $74,732.27 for Cystic Fibrosis Community Care NSW and The Children's Hospital at Westmead

This amazing family rallied friends, family, work colleagues and others to support their fundraising goals, the result of which can only be described as magnificent!

As we head towards 65k 4 65 Roses 2018, we thank the Wheatleys for their fundraising efforts.

“Our family are so grateful for the support Cystic Fibrosis NSW has given us over many years,” said Craig.

“Taking part in the 2017 walk and fundraising for Team 4 Jon & Grace was so much fun and great way for us to give something back.

“We all had an absolutely fantastic day and felt so supported by the whole community.

“I would recommend the walk to anyone looking to enjoy a great family day while helping to raise needed funds for this very important cause.”

Walk in 2018 to support families with a member living with CF!

Team Simon


Five year old Simon, the eldest of Harry and Teresa Bazouni’s three children, has CF.

Determined to make a difference the Bazouni family through Team Simon raised a staggering $62,748.40 for the 2017 65k 4 65 Roses walkathon.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Team Simon is back again in 2018 and is shooting for the stars by setting an astronomical $70,000 fundraising goal!

If ever you needed a reason to get on board check out Team Simon’s page and learn a little more about this truly beautiful family.

Some heartfelt words from the Bazouni family following the 2017 65k 4 65 Roses walk:

“There will always be a burden in our hearts, the burden of cystic fibrosis. A disease that to date will not go away and affects our son Simon. It’s a hurt that only we can feel, but no one else can see especially our little man Simon. As we look back to 2017 we are truly grateful for all the love and support we have been given. To everyone who has donated we say thank you, your contributions will help shape the lives of so many”

Walk to support the Bazouni family and others like them.


Bright & Duggan


We’re thrilled to announce that Team Bright & Duggan are in training for the 2018 65k 4 65 Roses walkathon! Not only is Bright & Duggan a regular sponsor of the walk, but last year the team raised an incredible $31,845.59 for CFCC NSW and The Children's Hospital at Westmead. We can’t wait to see what they will achieve for us this year.

Following their fundraising success at last year's 65k 4 65 Roses, Bright & Duggan went on to host a golf day in October 2017 which raised a further $10,000 for cystic fibrosis.

Bright & Duggan’s Joint Managing Director, Chris Duggan, says the team is committed to raising awareness and funds to support the cystic fibrosis community.

“It is an honour for us to be involved with CFCC and the 65k 4 65 Roses event,” said Chris.

Take your place next to the crew from Bright & Duggan at the 2018 walk!

Cody Sheehan


If you’re looking for some inspiration to tackle the 65k 4 65Roses walk, then look no further than CF Avenger, Cody Sheehan!

Up until a few years ago this young gun with CF had been keeping quite well.  He rigorously looked after his health, struck to his treatment plans, attended his clinic appointments and looked after his life in general.

However, despite his best efforts his health took a turn for the worse in 2015 when after a holiday to the US he wound up in emergency and, with critically low oxygen levels, was admitted to high dependency.

Unfortunately following this episode Cody was unable to regain his lost lung function and was told transplant was his only option.  And, if that wasn’t enough, he would need lungs and a liver from the same donor!

What followed was a year completing his transplant assessment work up at Sydney’s St Vincent's and RPA hospitals, which included upwards of 80 tests.

Over this time Cody became progressively more unwell and spent more and more time in hospital, which was where he was in early 2017 when the call came telling him a donor had been found.

With this news Cody was rushed by ambulance to St Vincent’s hospital and 16 hours, two surgical teams and loads of help later he was gifted with two lungs and a liver.

Cody is a dedicated supporter of the 65K 4 65 Roses walk and despite being too unwell to participate last year was there at the start line cheering everyone on.

This year less than 12 months out from his life-changing surgery, Cody is back and will be taking on the full 65km walk, decked out in his Captain America costume.

Keep an eye out for Cody and his CF Avenger team and give a ‘high five’ to a true superhero!

Liam & Jacob - Team Beat It


Ben and Belinda Mayhew and their ‘Team Beat It’ crew have two very special reasons to be tackling the 2018 65k 4 65 Roses walkathon, Jacob (4) and Liam (18 months), Ben and Belinda’s sons who were both born with cystic fibrosis (CF).

Before the birth of their eldest son Jacob in September 2013 Ben and Belinda had never heard of CF, had no knowledge of the condition and knew no one with it. That all changed when, 10 days after baby Jacob’s arrival, they were contacted about the routine heel prick test results with the news a retest was needed for CF.

What followed for Jacob was 18 months of testing before the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis was confirmed. Around the same time the Mayhew’s found out they were expecting another bundle of joy, and through CVS testing at 17 weeks learnt their second child also had CF. Liam was born in May 2016, happy and healthy.

Since the birth of their two boys, Ben and Belinda have thrown their support behind raising awareness and funds for CFCC NSW and The Children's Hospital at Westmead

“We are participating in this years’ walk as it is the major fundraiser for CFCC NSW and The Children's Hospital at Westmead as we attend clinic at Westmead”, said Ben. 

“We also want the chance to promote and raise awareness for CF in the community, to help find that much needed cure.”

This is the second year Team Beat It has been part of the 65k 4 65 Roses walk and this year are striving to achieve an impressive team goal of 65 laps of the 7km course! Some of the 10-strong team will be taking on the full 65kms while others will be putting in a few laps plus multi-tasking as volunteers to help set up and run the event.

Ben’s thoughts on why others should take part in the 65k walk, “It’s a great day out to come together as a CF community, raise awareness of the condition and help grow the event to make it bigger and better each year. Plus, of course, let’s not forget the small amount of fun exercise!”


If these stories inspired you, why not pull on your runners and join us at the 2018 65k 4 65Roses walkathon!  Register today at: