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having an STD, shouldn’t avoid going to the doctor because he or she is ashamed
or worried about what the doctor might think. Not having things like STDs checked
might only make a condition worse. A doctor’s role is to listen respectfully, examine,
educate, and treat people, not criticize them. If you think your doctor is judging or
preaching to you, talk to your parents about finding someone with whom you’re
more comfortable.
• It’s your job to talk openly about your symptoms and concerns. A doctor can’t
help you unless you tell the whole story. Even if you’re uncomfortable, being
open and honest will only benefit you. Most doctors realise that people can feel
uncomfortable about raising sensitive issues and they try to be good listeners. Most
doctors also realize that no one is perfect. Trying to manage your CF treatment,
plus work, relationships, friends etc is tricky, so the team at SCGH will want to help
you work your treatment around your life, not the other way around.
If you have several issues that you wish to address with your doctor, try showing up for
your appointment with a written list. It can include your problems, symptoms, questions,
and concerns. Many people find that once they’ve brought the subject up and gotten
past those first nervous moments, they feel a lot more comfortable talking openly.
Managing your treatment
Now that you have transitioned to SCGH the onus is much more on you to manage
your CF medication and treatment. This can be one of the most difficult aspects of
becoming independent for both you and your parents who have been so involved with
your clinic appointments.
Here are a few important tips:
• Don’t guess when it comes to taking your medication.
• Make sure when you leave the Respiratory Clinic that you know exactly what
medication you need, how much, what it is or and how long it will take before you
see results.
• If you don’t understand the instructions or how to use the equipment or medication,
call the clinic to find out. It is completely normal not to take everything in during
an appointment. Not everyone understands the details about their medication so
• Don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions and learn exactly what it is you have to do.
• Take notes during a clinic appointment or ask a family member or friend to be a
second set of ears for you.