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2. What can Cystic Fibrosis Western
Australia Do For You?
You will have started the transition process from Princess Margaret
Hospital (PMH) to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH)and may have
met your team of clinicians. Cystic FibrosisWesternAustralia (CFWA)
also has a team of people available to assist you if the need arises.
Our Services Team is made up of the following:
A CFWA Community Nurse who hires out travel nebulisers, carries out home visits to
flush ports, changes PICC line dressings, takes blood (if unable to attend pathology
centre ) as well as providing simple lung function tests. The nurse also takes people
transitioning from PMH to SCGH on a tour of SCGH and regularly visits patients with CF
in hospital to discuss any issues.
Homecare workers are carers who assist with airway clearance and exercise programs
in the home. They can also assist with light household duties after a person has had a
A CFWA Physiotherapist who works with the homecare workers to assist with a
person’s airway clearance and exercise needs at home, in consultation with the
physiotherapy at SCGH. The CFWA physiotherapist is also a useful person to consult if
you are having motivational issues in regards to doing physiotherapy and exercise.
A Social Worker who can assist with issues arising from Centrelink, the Health Care
Card, Mobility Allowance and other allowances, and can provide one to one counselling
and support on a variety of issues.
An Education and Recreation Officer who can provide education about cystic fibrosis
to individuals or groups, in the community, families and in work places. The education
and recreation officer can also assist with preparing for employment i.e. updating your
resume, helping you write a job application or organise work experience at CFWA, if
A Project Officer also provides education sessions, organises recreational events and the
hospital goody bags.