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Also consider that it is useful to review how you are going halfway through each term
and speak to the Disabilities Officer or course coordinator if you find you need to
reassess how you are coping.
The Career Development Centre can assist with career planning, educational and
other training options. Their website is or career.
Tel: 08 9224 6500 or 1800 999 167 (for country callers)
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8. Travel and CF
Now that you are a young adult you may want to go and explore the world with
friends, family or by yourself! Having CF shouldn’t stop you from travelling, however,
there are some specific things that you do need to consider before you leave for your
Informing the CF team
It is important to inform the CF team at SCGH before booking a flight. You may need
a formal flight test to assess if in-flight oxygen is required. This is to avoid potential
hypoxemia (low oxygen) when flying at a high altitude.
Travel Insurance is not a fun aspect of travelling but it is essential to research and find
a good insurer. It covers everything from broken bones to lost luggage, but unless
you’re approved for ‘pre-existing condition’ cover, it won’t pay for CF-related medical
expenses. If you are in good health you may think you don’t need it, but if you have any
accidents or need any CF-related treatments, you may be largely out- of- pocket if you
are not covered.