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Points to discuss and consider:
• You may need to discuss the course requirements and negotiate how you will cope
with the workload.
• You may need to point out that your quality of work could fluctuate according to
your health.
• There may be times in the term when you are unable to work effectively and
attendance at lectures may be erratic.
• It is also helpful to discuss how you personally react to feeling tired or ill.
• You will need to work out a plan of how you will be able to get information that
you have missed e.g. organise a study buddy who can send you any information,
handouts etc.
• What are the procedures with exams if you are unable to attend?
• Do you require special considerations e.g. rest breaks, a separate room to sit?
• You will also need to find out if there is flexibility to alter the work schedule,
deadlines for work and deadlines for return of library books?
Taking control of your studies
Some of the suggestions that the Career Tips website offers in relation to taking control
of your studies are:
• Be flexible about the options that may provide you with appropriate individualised
support, i.e. treat your own and everyone else’s suggestions as a possible option.
The more options you have to choose from, the more likely you will find the best
• Be persistent and committed.
• Celebrate your successes with lecturers, classmates, friends and family.
According to the Career Development Centre other things to consider when
studying are:
• Identify your support network e.g. family, friends, doctors, lecturers.
• Manage stress by setting priorities such as eating well, doing regular exercise and
getting enough rest (your health should come first!)
• Give yourself time to adjust to the changes that await you once you finish high
• Remember, it is YOUR decision – be confident in your ability to choose what is right
for you.