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Whether or not to disclose that you have CF at interview stage
• It is an individual choice to disclose that you have CF during an interview. If you
are asked whether you have a health problem or disability, it is best to answer in
a straightforward way. If you don’t mention that you have CF, you may lose some
legal rights relating to unfair dismissal if that were to happen down the track.
• Disclosing that you have CF at the interview can put you and the company in a
difficult position. If you feel you can do the job as it is presented to you, having CF
should have no bearing on the job.
The decision to hire you should be based on your ability to perform the physical
and mental tasks of the job. If you need to provide references, make sure your
referees do not mention that you have CF if you do not wish to disclose this at the
initial stage.
• Once offered the position, legally you do not have to mention that you have CF,
however if you plan to stay at the job for a longer period of time, you will need to
disclose this at some stage in case you need time off for hospital appointments or
• When you start a new job, talk to your employer or line manager in more depth
about how CF may affect your work.
Once you have gained employment
Once you have settled in to your new job it might be a good idea to establish a
contingency plan about how any future absences will be managed. Is it possible for
you to “bank” your time to allow for any absences?
Planning ahead allows you to give your employer notice as to when you need time
off so that they can also make plans for adequate cover while you are away. In some
cases, if you need to be admitted to hospital, you may be able to make arrangements
to continue working via a laptop, or even go to work during the day and return to the
hospital at night.
Keeping your job
Before reducing the hours that you work due to health reasons, consider whether
adjustments could be made to working arrangements instead: would a different job
within the organisation make life easier?
Could you establish a contingency plan about how any absences will be managed?