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• Make a list of all the essential items and then once you have moved in and can
save a bit, think about the fun novelty items that stamp your personality on your
place. If you consult your parents about the types of things you need to set up a
place, it allows them to share in your planning and gives you the benefit of their
wisdom and experience.
• When you first move into a place,(and if you are sharing/have flatmates), don’t
purchase really good, expensive items to start with until you know what it is like
living with these people, as sometimes your good things can end up being ruined.
When looking at a place, check:
• If it has air-conditioning.
• Is it well ventilated (no mould in bathrooms etc)?
• Have pets lived their before? Do you have, or are you planning on having pets?
• Is there decent public transport accessible if your car breaks down?
• Are you close to your work?
• Are you close to your parents or other friends and family if you need their support?
• Is there a good space for you to fit friends, family etc. when they come to visit?
• Are there shops close by? Where is the nearest bank or Centrelink etc?
Your Flatmates
• Smoking: Are your friends smokers or do they have close friends who will be
visiting often who smoke? What is the policy going to be? Smoking outside and
where? Who will clean the ashtrays? Living with smokers who smoke inside can
result in all your clothes, furniture and items being exposed to extreme amounts of
cigarette smoke, which is very bad for CF!
• Living with your friends can be lots of fun and bring you closer together. You can
have some of the best times of your life but it can also make you very annoyed and
sometimes break friendships if your flatmates have different ways of doing things
that affect your life e.g. not doing their share of the housework, eating your food,
breaking your things etc. Make sure you discuss in detail any possible differences
that you may have and make it clear who is going
to do what.