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• Do you know how to cook? If not, maybe it’s time to find out how your mum or dad
make your favourite recipes or buy a basic cookbook. You can also look online for
the things that you like that fit in with your food budget.
• Sometimes you find the types of foods your parents can afford, you may not be able
to, when living out of home.What takeaway establishments are close by to where
you plan to live? (VERY IMPORTANT!)
• What are your basic housekeeping skills like? If you are moving out with friends,
what are they like? Basic hygiene in a house is really important for your overall
health. If things aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, there is more risk of food
poisoning, catching colds, scabies etc.
• Housekeeping is quite time- consuming, so how will you fit it in with your work or
studies, doing your CF treatment, going to hospital if need be and socialising?
• Sometimes before flatmates live together they negotiate who is going to do what.
Some people like to do the shopping and cooking, while others prefer to mop and
vacuum. If everyone is on the same page and helps out this makes for a happy time
living together.
Your parents
What is your relationship with your parents like? If it is not so good think about trying
to make up with them, as you will still need their support on occasions once you have
moved out. Your parents may also be very sad that you have moved out so they may
not seem themselves at first. But once they see that you are happy, safe and healthy
they will be more supportive and accept your move.
Your new place
• Make sure your flat is warm, clean and dry. Avoid mould! Let flatmates know
about your health needs, keep wet clothes out of the house and insist that there is
no smoking around you.
• What items will you need if you are moving into an unfurnished place?What
items will your flatmates contribute? Often family and friends can be a great help
providing you with household items that they no longer need. Garage sales or swap
meets are also great places to look for household items to start you off, or IKEA!