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4. Tips for Smooth Living With Your Parents
It is much more difficult to live out of home these days, mainly due to the rising costs of
accommodation and everything else! Many young people have little choice but to remain
living with their parents until they can afford to move out.
You may be very fortunate and have a fantastic relationship with your parents, so much
so that living at home with them is great. Other young people, however, experience the
following thoughts from time to time:
• Why don’t my parents listen to what I have to say?
• Why are they so protective?
• What do my parents really think?
• Why do they think they know everything?
• Why do they say “Because I said so?”
• Why don’t they believe what I say?
• For me to understand them, I would like them to understand me.
• Why are they so grumpy all of the time?
• Why can’t they understand that things are different now for young people?
Here are some tips for encouraging a great relationship with your
parents while you live in their house:
Renegotiate house rules/chores
• Discuss with your parents what their expectations are for the chores they would like you to
do, having late nights out, friends over and pets. Work out a timetable that is fair to your
parents and also to yourself (and any siblings).
• How much money you should contribute (especially if you are working). If you show
respect and consideration for their point of view, they will be less likely to nag you. If you
don’t earn an income, think of some helpful ways to be of assistance such as cooking from
time- to -time or help with the cleaning.
• Many of your parents’ rules will be about ensuring your safety so communicating with
them about your whereabouts reduces their stress and worry.
• Try your best to act like an adult when you and your parents disagree. This is very difficult
but yelling and getting angry is only going to make them see you as an immature kid
throwing a tantrum- so you will be less likely to be treated with the respect that you want.
If you are feeling very angry, take a deep breath, remove yourself from the room, calm
yourself down and speak to your parents when you are clear headed.