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4.4 Special Benefit
Special Benefit helps you if you are in severe financial need due to circumstances
outside your control and you cannot receive any other Centrelink pension or benefit.
4.4.1 Eligibility
You may get Special Benefit if you:
• Are in severe financial hardship, and
• Are not able to earn enough income to support yourself and your dependants for
reasons outside your control, and
• Cannot get any other payment from Centrelink, and
• Meet residence requirements.
4.5 Austudy
Austudy provides financial help if you are aged 25 years or more and are studying or
undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship full-time.
4.5.1 Eligibility
You may be eligible for Austudy if you are aged 25 or over and are:
• Studying an approved full-time course at an approved institution, or
• Undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship.
Full-time secondary education courses, graduate courses, undergraduate courses, and
some Masters, diplomas, and TAFE courses are approved for Austudy. Unlike Youth
Allowance, there is no independence test for Austudy. If you qualify for Austudy you
are considered independent. This means the parental means test does not apply. Your
previous studies may also affect your eligibility for Austudy.
4.6 Overcoming Barriers to Study orWork
• Australian JobSearch - refer to the online database and search for jobs from Job
Services Australia.
• Australian Apprenticeship Access Program- provides pre-vocational training, job
search support and post-placement assistance for people who are interested in
obtaining an Australian Apprenticeship.
• Disability Employment Services- funded by the Department of Education,
Employment andWorkplace Relations and Family and Community Services, this
provides specialised employment help for people with disabilities.
• Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance - aim to improve the
financial circumstances of customers by helping them to re-enter the workforce.