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4. Employment and Study
4.1 Mobility Allowance
Mobility Allowance assists people with disabilities who are involved in qualifying
activities and cannot use public transport without substantial assistance.
Qualifying activities may include looking for work or any combination of paid
employment, voluntary work, vocational training and independent living or life
skills training.
Note: You do not need to get any other payments from Centrelink to qualify for
Mobility Allowance. Mobility Allowance is not income or assets tested, and is a
non-taxable payment.
4.1.1 Eligibility
You may be eligible for Mobility Allowance if you:
• Are aged 16 or over, and
• Cannot use public transport without substantial assistance, and
• Need to travel to and from your home when you are looking for work, doing
work or training.
• Are undertaking vocational training, voluntary work, paid work, independent
living/life skills or any combination of these for at least 32 hours every 4
weeks on a continuing basis
• Have an agreement to look for work through an employment services
provider (for example, Job Services Australia or Disability Employment
• Are participating in a Disability Employment Services-Disability Management
Service program, or
• Are receiving Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance or Austudy and be
required to meet the Activity Test.
4.2 Newstart Allowance
If you are unemployed, Newstart Allowance provides financial support while you
are looking for work.
Note: Centrelink staff is trained to help you claim Newstart Allowance and any
other payments and benefits you may be entitled to.