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1.4 Parenting Payment
You may qualify for Parenting Payment either as a parent, grandparent or foster carer, if:
• You are single and you care for at least one child aged under 8 years, or
• You have a partner and you care for at least one child aged under 6 years, and
• You and your partner’s income and assets are below a certain amount.
If you are granted Parenting Payment (single) you will have compulsory part-time
participation requirements from the time your youngest child turns 6 years of age.
Grandfathered Parenting Payment customers will have participation requirements when
their youngest child is aged 7 years or older.
2. Disability Support Pension
You may get Disability Support Pension if you are unable to work for 2 years because of
illness, injury or disability, or if you are permanently blind.
2.1 Eligibility
You may be eligible if:
• You are aged 16 or over and under age pension age at the time of claiming, or
• You are not able to work for 15 hours or more per week at or above the relevant
minimum wage or be re-skilled for such work for at least the next 2 years because
of your illness, injury or disability, or
• You are working under the SupportedWage System (SWS), or
• You are permanently blind.
To assess your eligibility for Disability Support Pension, a report from your treating
doctor or specialist on your disability, injury or illness is usually required.
You may also need to have a Job Capacity Assessment which is a way of finding out:
• If you can work
• How much work you can do, and
• How much help you need to find and keep a job.
2.2 Sickness Allowance
Sickness Allowance assists you if you are employed, including if you are self-employed,
and you are temporarily unable to work because of a medical condition. In some cases,
you may qualify for Sickness Allowance if you are a full-time student.