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8.4 AnglicareWA
8.4.1 Financial counselling
Anglicare WA’s Financial Counselling service helps individuals and families throughout
Western Australia with financial support and help in addressing financial problems.
Financial Counselling can:
• Help you assess your financial position
• Provide information and options that address your financial problems, as well as
possible implications
• Assist with your chosen resolution if necessary, advocate and negotiate with
creditors on your behalf and link you to other useful services in the community
• Give you information about any government assistance that may be available
• Support you in developing your own budget, and
• Relay relevant information about consumer credit and bankruptcy
Financial Counselling can help you if you are a low income earner, or if you are
struggling or in financial crisis. Financial Counselling is a free and confidential service.
Financial Counsellors do not provide Emergency Relief (ER), however if you require
Emergency Relief please contact Anglicare WA’s ER service.
Financial Counsellors operate by appointment only. This can be arranged by phoning
the service closest to you. Visit to find out who that may be.
8.4.2 Emergency relief
Anglicare WA’s Emergency Relief (ER) service helps support individuals and families in
crisis through the provision of food vouchers, food relief and basic essentials.
Emergency Relief may be able to assist you, your family, or someone you know with:
• Emergency food relief
• Referrals to other support services in your local area, and
• Advocacy in some Emergency Relief locations.
Additionally, Emergency Relief funds are utilised by a number of Anglicare services,
providing case management to individuals and families. In these services, Anglicare
staff may have access to Emergency Relief funds to assist in addressing identified
financial problems within an agreed case plan. Emergency Relief is available to
anyone who has a Centrelink Concession Card.
Anglicare WA’s Y-SHAC program provides emergency, crisis and transitional supported
accommodation, designed to assist homeless young people find somewhere to live
immediately and to move into stable living arrangements.