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6.2.1 Eligibility
To be eligible you must be paying more than the amount of rent shown in the table
below for:
• Rent (other than for public housing), or
• Service and maintenance fees in a retirement village, or
• Lodging (if you pay for board and lodging but are unable to tell us exactly what
you pay for each, two thirds of the amount you pay will be accepted), or
• Fees paid to use a caravan site or other accommodation that you occupy as your
principal home, or
• Fees paid to moor a vessel you occupy as your principal home.
7. Grants, Concessions and Subsidies
7.1 Air Conditioners
Air conditioners for one area of respite, for individuals whose disabilities are
significantly increased or functionality is decreased because of their inability to
regulate their body temperature. The maximum air conditioner grant is $1500.
7.1.1 Eligibility
• Be able to provide medical support
• Provide proof of low income
Contact CFWA Social Worker to assist with application socialworker@cysticfibrosiswa.
org 9346 7333
7.2 Parking Permit ACROD
7.2.1 Eligibility
To be eligible you must:
• Have a severe mobility impairment where walking more than 50m causes the
physical condition to deteriorate and close proximity parking is required; and/or
• Require the use of a wheelchair, crutches, walking frame, callipers, or other specific
mobility aid and require a wide parking bay to transfer in/out of a vehicle