On Monday 21 November 2016 the winners of the inaugural Cystic Fibrosis Australia Governor-General’s Patron’s Awards were announced at a ceremony at Admiralty House in Sydney.

His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd) is the Patron of Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA) and he has generously agreed to celebrate the great work and fortitude displayed by the cystic fibrosis (CF) community by hosting these awards.

Nine Patron’s Awards were presented as well as the Winner of the inaugural Ann Maree Bosch Research Fellowship. Ann Maree’s family were at at the ceremony to present the Fellowship Award.

The Patron’s Awards honours a Community Fundraiser who has shown both a personal and financial commitment to the CF cause where their work has resulted in valuable advocacy and awareness building.

Winner: Denny Flemming, TAS

The Corporate Partner winner has been judged on financial commitment plus contributing their specialists skills to directly benefit the CFA’s work in community and business development.

Winner: One Five One Property, NSW

Australia is blessed with incredible CF researchers but for the Patron’s Awards the winner has to have a novel concept, significant achievements and solid evidence their initiative is in line with key CFA research criteria. The winner of this award certainly ticks all the boxes.

Winner: AREST CF – Prof. Stephen Stick, WA

Across Australia CF Centres provide the highest standard of care so in the CF Centre Star category we were looking for someone who provided exceptional support for people with CF and went “the extra mile”.

Winner: Judith Morton, SA

People with CF are inspirational every day and in so many ways. Consequently the winner of this category was selected because of their ability to use their knowledge of their disease and their personal story to advocate for all people with CF.

Winners: Kate Daly, ACT

Carly Staite (deceased), QLD

Family, carers and guardians were nominated in the CF Support Person category. Again the CF Support Person was seen to be one that not only buoyed their child, sibling or partner but also augmented the voice of the community in advocacy and PR.

Winners: Michelle Philpott, NSW

Sonia Marshall, VIC

The CF CAN (Consumer Advocacy Network) winner was a trained member of group that was phenomenal in “getting the job done” and most importantly doing it in an “intelligent and respectful” manner.

Winner: Shannon Malone-Brierley, ACT

All Cystic Fibrosis Federation offices have amazing staff so the staff award was evaluated on a person’s added commitment to CF and the community. When reviewing the applications we could have easily appointed a winner in every state and territory.

Winner: Felicia Welstead, VIC

Volunteers are the life-blood of a not for profit organisation and these generous supporters give their personal time on a regular and long term basis. Volunteers are often asked to undertake a variety of tasks and our winner was judged on the ability to constantly go above and beyond for CF.

Winner: Graham Gourlay, NSW