Superannuation is not just for the retired. Insurance through superannuation is really important for people with CF.

This is because:

  • You can get early access to your super on limited grounds (e.g. Permanent Incapacity & Terminal Illness;
  • Most Super Funds include insurance lump sums for total and permanent disability (TPD) or monthly income protection payments;
  • It’s one of the few ways to get life and disability insurance without any health questions.

Getting the right information as early as possible can make a big difference.

Check out this video of Rhys Chamberlain from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers who gives an overview of the importance of superannuation for people with cystic fibrosis. 

If you would like some free advice contact Josh Boyes at the local office.


Superannuation and insurance for people with cystic fibrosis

Early Access to Superannuation

Superannuation FAQ's


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