Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Safety Net

The PBS Safety Net reduces the cost of prescription medicines for individuals and families once the PBS Safety Net threshold has been reached in a calendar year.

What to do?

  1. At the start of each calendar year request a Prescriptions Record Form from both your hospital and community pharmacy.
  2. Each time you purchase a script request a sticker from the pharmacist to manually record the cost of prescriptions you have purchased.
    Note: Your pharmacist can also maintain a digitally copy and can print this out for you on request.
  3. The objective is to reach the PBS Safety Net threshold as soon as possible (so you don’t pay more than you have to for prescription medications).
    Note: Hospital and Community Pharmacy prescriptions can be combined and used towards the PBS Safety Net threshold.

Safety Net Rates (2016)

General patients

Concession card holders

Patient contribution

Up to $38.30


PBS Safety Net threshold



*Rates increase each calendar year by 3-5%
** As of the 1st January 2016 a Pharmacist can now provide a $1 discount on prescription medications. If your pharmacist offers this, it will take more scripts to reach the threshold. Read More 

When you are close to reaching the PBS Safety Net threshold, ask your pharmacist about a PBS Safety Net card. With this card your PBS medicine is less expensive, or free, for the rest of the calendar year.

Rates for 2016

General patients

Concession card holders

When threshold is reached



 Hints & Tips

  1. You can combine your family’s PBS amounts to reach the threshold sooner if you are, a couple legally married or in a defacto relationship (with or without children) or, a single person with dependent child (under 16 or a full time student under 25).
  2. It helps to use the same community pharmacist as much as you can, to assist in maintaining records for when you hit the threshold.
  3. The Hospital Pharmacist and Community Pharmacist have different drugs that can qualify towards the threshold. This means it may be better to purchase some items from the hospital (for example; anti-histamines, Vitamin C, VitABDECK, Paracetamol, Salt tablets and Glucolyte) instead of from the community pharmacist so you can reach the threshold sooner. Ask your Hospital Pharmacist which of your scripts apply.
  4. Once you hit the threshold discuss your prescription needs with your CF team and reasonably stock up on your medications (wait 20 days before putting next script in) to reduce your costs, especially over Christmas.
  5. If you go over the threshold before you get your card, you can request a refund using this form here 

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Last updated: 07.03.2016