Create your own fundraiser

It starts with just a simple idea and then grows. Create your own fundraising event as an individual, group, school or business and get everyone on board to make a difference.

Whether you want to organise a small or large event, fundraising can be whatever you want it to be.

Need some inspiration check out our 65 ways to fundraise for cystic fibrosis. Or join one of our annual events;

If you already know what type of fundraiser you would like to do, the next step is to talk to our Team about how to make your activity a huge success.

Start by filling out the Fundraising Expression form below or contact Heidi on 0437 485 454.

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  • Total Income

    • No expenses will be paid from the fundraising income generated at the event, other than what has been agreed in my authority to fundraise.
    • I agree to provide a copy of any material with a CF logo for approval before distribution.
    • All items donated for the benefit fundraising for CF if not claimed at the event will be provided to CF at the conclusion of the fundraiser.
    • Funds and records of income and expenditure are to be returned to Cystic Fibrosis within 4 weeks of the activity.


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